2016 Starting Off Strong!

Well, it was an incredible year in 2015.  I’m forever grateful for you loyal fans who return to shows and continue to support my music.  Many of you also helped support my new watercolor stationary endeavor before the holidays.


I’m very excited to share that 2016 looks like it’s starting off on an incredible note, as well.  I head to EU tomorrow to perform 15 shows in Germany, visit the land where Sherry is made in Spain, and to make it even better I’ll be alongside my favorite travel companion.


When I return, I have the great pleasure of joining my dear friend, Pokey Lafarge, for two solo shows in February.  February 4th in St. Louis, MO at OFF Broadway, and then in our home town, Bloomingtin, IL at The Castle Theater on February 20th.


Finally, mark your calendars for my first NYC show in 2016 at Rockwood Music Hall on February 27th.


I feel very lucky this morning writing this post.  May my gratitude hopefully reach you and beyond.  See you all on the road!

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