50 Paintings in 30 Days: European Tour Holiday Fundraiser!

Inline image 1
Regarding my campaign…I am pleased to announce that for the next month I will selling my watercolors in my Heart of Dreams Etsy Store for a discounted rate to help take me abroad to perform in Switzerland and London!  Also, it’s holiday season!  They’re pretty cool little gifts.  My goal is to sell 50 paintings in 30 days.  And there are now no paintings over $20!  And…I am including a copy of my album with every purchase!  All in the name of rock and roll.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress.  You have until December 8th to help make this work!  You can also buy my Brooklyn-made, screen-printed shirts there now for $20!  Here are a few new paintings…and there will more new ones to follow in the next weeks!  Thanks in advance for all your support!  
 Inline image 2Inline image 3Inline image 4
Lastly, y’all.  My next show, and potentially my last show of 2012 in NYC, will be on Tuesday, November 27th at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 at 11PM.  It’s with my full band, including Jeff Berner, Chris Morrissey, Spencer Cohen, and Lorelei Prince.  Special guests to be announced soon!  Maybe I’ll tweet about that.  Ha!  And, to continue the spirit of giving and sharing, please everyone check out Chris Morrissey’s Kickstarter Campaign.  If you are lovers of good music, please support his jazz quartet’s next LP!  
I’ll be in touch throughout the month to keep you posted on the campaign update!  

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