Strawberry Moon Album Sale: $5 All Month

Hey, friends, fans, neighbors, colleagues, fathers, mothers, brothers: I’d like to share this album with you at a discounted price all month long…$5!

I really love this record, and love all the players and producers.  Maybe it’s the full moon, maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s my heart, whatever it is, I feel moved today to make this available digitally all month for $5.

Click here to buy digital album for $5! Seriously, I just spent $3.50 on a coffee.  Buy a copy and send it to your friend, send it to your mom (moms love me), send it to your brother who’s in college and loves new music.

Chicago Show Added w/ James McCartney

Friends and Fans, I’ve had to cancel one show on December 13th at The North Bar in Chicago so that I can open for James McCartney on December 18th in Chicago at Uncommon Ground on Devon.  Very exciting!  Can’t wait to be home!  Get tickets here:

Live Review: London, England

First review this side of the pond:

“The 12 Bar Club as described by Great Little Place: “It’s a haven for those who live, love and breathe music..” and that is exactly what we had with Nick Africano from Brooklyn USA who was next up. This was the third time in the UK for Nick, so for me it was third time lucky. One sign of a great artist is this…. they capture you in their world. Their world becomes a mini universe where we all exist in this crazy and often boiling pot of emotions. From …one pluck of his steel string guitar we were sucked hyper speed into the wonderful world of Nick Africano.”  Read full review here.

Album Cover Red Portrait


The last two weeks were the most successful two weeks of touring I’ve experienced in the US.  I met wonderful people, shared the new record with many new fans and loyal old fans.  I performed with great artists and band mates, and, now, with time to think on those weeks before continuing in the UK and Germany, wanted to share my gratitude for helping make a small dream of mine possible.  That’s all the sentiment for now…more to come…you know me, guys,  And for those of you who weren’t able to make it to a show, please check out the new record…