Album Cover Red Portrait


The last two weeks were the most successful two weeks of touring I’ve experienced in the US.  I met wonderful people, shared the new record with many new fans and loyal old fans.  I performed with great artists and band mates, and, now, with time to think on those weeks before continuing in the UK and Germany, wanted to share my gratitude for helping make a small dream of mine possible.  That’s all the sentiment for now…more to come…you know me, guys,  And for those of you who weren’t able to make it to a show, please check out the new record…

4 Days Left of Pledge Campaign

A huge thanks to everyone who has gotten involved in this project so far!  There are still 4 days left before the campaign ends!  Last opportunity to get involved this weekend!  Check out the music and different packages here

Thanks for helping make this release possible!

New Year Watercolor Sale

To raise a little touring cash and to share what I’ve been working on I offering up a bunch of new little projects, poems, and paintings at my Etsy Shop.  Click the link and take home some little pictures or a poem!  Stay tuned for my newest one, “A Pig In A Chair.”  


Here’s a new one below: “be.leave.”